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Technology, PrestaShop, and Other Cutting-Edge Web Platforms

Ever since the internet first appeared in the early 1990s, open-source solutions have become increasingly prominent. One of the best representatives of these is PrestaShop, which made its debut in 2008.

A successful example of the ‘freemium’ model (in which basic services are free and advanced options paid for), PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce solution that is currently used by some 300,000 retailers worldwide.

This website aims to provide readers with a trove of valuable information on PrestaShop, along with other innovative web platforms that have made their mark in the fields of IT and e-commerce.

The Best Open Source Software Platforms

18 Apr 2021

Open source solutions allow users the freedom to utilize, modify and distribute software without restrictions. Advantages include more flexibility, stability, and room for innovation at minimal or zero cost. Popular platforms of this kind range from Linux and LibreOffice to Audacity and Shotcut.

Top Free Website Builders

11 Mar 2021

I must say that picking the best free website builder is no easy task, especially with a plethora of such tools out there. However, after careful consideration, you will most likely pick Wix, WordPress, Jimdo, SimpleSite, and SITE123. Weebly, Mozell, and Strikingly are also equal to the task.

Common Languages Used in Web Design

3 Feb 2021

Web designers can choose from a plethora of languages, depending on such factors like experience and preference. However, the most common coding languages used by web designers include Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and Python, among many others. A good web designer should master more than one language.